Ariya Jeans

Everything You Should Know About Ariya Jeans

Ariya Jeans

Many manufacturers of jeans do not try to accommodate the curvy type of woman. Ariya has styled its denim collection for these women, and the results are absolutely fabulous. Featuring Skinny, Slim Boot, Bootcut, Flare, Capris, and Shorts, Ariya has all of the bases covered for women with realistic jean sizes.


About Ariya Jeans

Industry insider Dan Shainis formed Ariya with Amethyst Jeans and Jade Marketing Group owners Ned Davidson and John McKelvey in 2009 with the goal of offering stylish, yet comfortable jeans to the 16 to 25 year old Curvy woman.
When speaking about his company's focus, Shanis says “This consumer, although significant in market size, has generally been ignored by the denim community. No denim company with Onyx’s level of capability has ever focused all of its energy in designing and manufacturing great jeans for this girl. All aspects of fit, design, merchandising and marketing will be developed with her in mind. Ariya will take its unique approach towards giving the sophisticated curvy girl a chance to show off her assets by offering an authentic blue jean executed in multiple silhouettes with exciting washes and details.”


Jeans Styles

Although the company offers six styles of denim, there are several types of brands within each category. This ensures that there is a fit and style for you, no matter your taste in jeans.
Some of the latest and greatest denim stylings of Ariya's jeans include:
Lana Skinny Jeans
Comfortable, soft denim mixed with a leg lengthening skinny style, the Lana line of Skinny Jeans is one of Ariya's most popular brands. The curvy design with low rise allows girls of all shapes and sizes to show off their assets.
Starting at just $25, the Lana Skinny Jeans are just about the perfect jeans for the curvy girl on a budget.

Sicily Slim Bootcut

Those looking for a casual set of jeans on a budget should definitely check out the Sicily Slim Bootcut line of jeans by Ariya. These mixed cotton and spandex jeans hug your thighs and open up just below the knees, allowing you to wrap your jeans around your large boots high shoes.

Bora Bora Bootcut

Often touted as one of Ariya's most comfortable lines of Jeans the Bora Bora Bootcut is excellence personified. The snug, but never too tight design rides comfortably on the hips, and the opening below the knee never feels too wide.
White V style embroidery on the back pocket and strategic wash points bring the desired attention to your most cherished lower assets.
Starting at just $25, these jeans match up spectacularly against some of the more expensive brands on the market.

Tahiti Flare Jeans

Intricately designed, the Tahiti Flare line by Ariya has a slim fit below the knees, opening up around the lower third to give a stylish new take on the original bell bottom fad. Intricately embroidered rear pockets and a three color thread thread definitely make this $25 entry market jean worth taking a look at.


Where to Buy

Ariya Jeans are available at several of the largest retail chains across the United States. Some of the retail chains offering Ariya's stylings include: